Turn down Stress, and Turn up Fun – Part Six – Wrapping Up!

August 20, 2020

Summer is a time for fun, family memories, and relaxing. With the current corona virus pandemic children may be experiencing more stress and anxiety than usual. Some kids have trouble with adjusting to the changes we are all experiencing, due to the pandemic, and may need more support to cope at this time. Other children may not understand COVID-19, and they might not fully comprehend the effects it has on our health and economy.

However, all children no matter how young, notice when parents are stressed and observe the changes in their emotional states. This summer and throughout the year it is extremely important to take time to have some fun, so kids can take their minds off of the current situation. Try a couple of the activities listed in the previous posts and focus on fun family time. Turn down the stress, and turn up the fun!

Part One 

Part Two – Littles 3-8

Part Three – Middles 9-14

Part Four – Bigs 15-18

Part Five – Super Bigs 18-22

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