Turn down Stress, and Turn up Fun – Part Five

August 20, 2020

When your children go off to college, they have to learn how to do things for and by themselves. They experience stress daily as they learn how the world works, without a parent directly by their side. Summer is a great time to teach your young adults good habits that will help reduce stress when they are busy at college. Learning how to cook healthy foods, exercise, and take care of their body are three major ways to reduce stress. If they know how to take care of themselves, college and life in general will be less stressful.

This summer grab your not so little kid and teach them how to make healthy, quick meals that they can make in college when they have little time. Cooking with your child will not only teach them new skills and recipes but cooking also allows for bonding and human connection. Cooking is the perfect opportunity to check in with your child about their lives and have a discussion, especially if your child is already in college. They now have their own stressful lives away from home, but it’s always good to check in or even work on your relationship with them. Other great ways for young adults to reduce stress is to go for a run, write their thoughts down in a journal, get a good night’s sleep, or do something they love. 

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