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The Wise Family is looking for team members searching for a place that supports them as a human being, encourages them in their career, and expects them to act with integrity.

Let’s be honest.

We want counselors that do what they say they’re going to do. Who step up and do what’s right even when no one else is looking. Who take pride in being a helping professional and feel that is where they belong. Who is not out there looking for the next best thing. We want professional counselors that are real and want to work with a company who cares.

Let’s be real.

Sometimes we are going to ask you to do things you don’t want to do. Like completing progress notes the same day when there is a safety concern. Or going that extra step and reaching out to a referral source with an update on the client they sent. This might take time. It will definitely take some effort. But it shows our community that we care, and we expect that of you.

Let’s be a team.

We want people that are excited to participate in promoting the well-being of the team. We love being bold, supporting children and families on their mental health journeys, and getting the word out about the energizing ways we care for our community. If you’re not interested in that, please don’t apply.

Let’s be an inspiration.

We will not tolerate any negativity. Drama breeds negativity and we will not allow that back in our practice. We’ve worked hard to build something that fosters support of one another, and we will not sacrifice that for any new hire. We believe that your work environment should be fun, challenging, and inspiring. We only want people with positive attitudes, who are ready to inspire their co-workers, their clients, and their communities.

Let’s talk about money.

We offer our counselors a fair rate, and in exchange for that, a ton of support. We set you up to be a source of empathy and authority in your community through social media and marketing content that you won’t find anywhere else. We encourage you to grow clinically and become more than just a “sit and chat” therapist. We can fill any therapist’s caseload who knows how to retain a client. We do things for our counselors we don’t have to do, but we want to because we care. We provide a yearly CEU stipend, onsite and consultations. If you’re looking for a job with the highest paying salary, please apply for a large hospital or corporation. They can pay you more than we can!

The Wise Family has high standards.

  • We have high expectations. We expect our counselors to know how to provide evidence-based services in such a way that our clients can heal. If our counselors do not feel confident, we are okay with that, but we do expect them to tell us so we can offer help.
  • Cancellations are for emergency situations only.
  • You must comply with our office policies. Polices are created to keep order and we all know how much we need that!
  • You must keep precise documentation and you must keep an accurate calendar. We use these to ensure quality as well as make sure our clients are being served properly.

What you will LOVE about The Wise Family.

  • Our office staff is very supportive of one another.
  • We love to do good things for our community.
  • We are a leader in innovation.
  • We care about you.
  • We strive to deliver excellent support to the children we serve and to their parents.

We know this is a lot. Like, a lot a lot. But we believe it is crucial you know enough about us before you make the decision to apply. Please understand, we are not looking for people who are job hoppers. We’re not interested in those seeking a 50 cent on the hour raise. We are looking for professional counselors who truly want to feel part of a team, like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.


  • Resident in Counseling
  • Supervisee in Clinical Social Work
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Nurse Practitioner

Interested? If that sounds like you, then what are you waiting for? Send us your application!

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