If your child is having difficulty in school or at home, we can help.

The first step is assessing your child to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Assessment helps us build a roadmap and treatment plan for providing appropriate interventions and supporting individual growth.

Learning and Educational

Is your child or teen struggling in school? Does your student seem bored, unmotivated or do they spend hours and hours on homework? You might be thinking that they have some learning challenges.

We offer a range of assessments to determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and to identify interventions that will best remediate skill deficits. Assessment can provide a point of reference from which to measure future progress and help align families, teachers, and other providers with a common understanding of a child’s learning profile. Assessment can provide a point of reference for which to measure future progress and we provide comprehensive recommendations for accommodations, modifications, and remediation.

Our Psycheducational Assessment Includes:

  • Comprehensive intelligence testing
  • Comprehensive memory testing
  • Comprehensive achievement testing in all academic areas
  • Behavior/emotional/social assessment as needed
  • Neuropsychological processing assessment, as needed (such as processing speed, visual-motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, auditory processing skills, phonological processing skills, attention/concentration skills, oral language)

Following the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed written report of the results, and we’ll discuss them together. This report can be used with your school district and other educational professionals to ensure that appropriate interventions and modifications are in place to support learning.

Areas we look at can include:

  • Intellectual functioning
  • Neuropsychological processes, including executive functioning, learning, and memory
  • Academic skills, including reading, math, and written expression
  • Mood and emotional functioning
  • Social skills and functioning
  • Behavior problems

Find a Solution with Wise

A diagnosis of ADHD does not automatically mean medication. We can assist your family in finding a solution that works for you AND your child. The impact of these symptoms will not disappear — certainly not without an understanding of the problem and that’s where we can help!

If you’re ready to evaluate your child’s symptoms and get some answers, contact us for a consultation.

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Does your child become easily distracted or have impulse control issues? Have you wondered if the symptoms of ADD/ADHD might be holding them back? Has your pediatrician suggested follow-up for a more thorough evaluation? We understand that often ADHD is misdiagnosed by well-meaning educators, friends and family. Let’s get it right.

You may want to consider an ADHD Assessment if you see the following issues:
Our ADHD assessment will provide you with information on ADHD, what it is and what it isn’t. It includes:


If your child is having behavioral difficulties in school or at home OR your family would like to gain more insights into your child’s behavior, we can help.

The first step is assessing your child to identify their strengths and challenges. Assessment helps us build a roadmap and treatment plan for behavioral modification and developmental growth.

We offer full behavioral assessments using a team approach with your child’s school to determine a student’s strengths and challenges and to identify strategies that might support positive behavioral change.

Admissions & Kindergarten Readiness

Admissions testing is available for children who are required to take an individually administered test as part of the application process at many independent schools in Northern VA and the Washington DC area.

The Wise Family provides pre-admission testing for independent schools and gifted-talented testing (WISC and WPPSI). Our assessments are tailored to understand the unique needs of your family.

To ensure optimal admissions test performance, we recommend that children be tested in the morning.

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Our Clinical Psychologist Evaluators

Richard Stiens, PhD

Dr. Richard Stiens is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with 30+ years of experience working collaboratively with children, adolescents, adults, and families. During this time, Dr. Stiens has worked in a variety of settings – including private practice, community mental health, inpatient hospital programs, elementary – collegiate environments, juvenile justice, department of defense, and child protective services.

Dr. Stiens specializes in research-based, best practices assessments to facilitate planning positive and effective treatment interventions. These assessments include performance-based evaluations for Attention-Deficit Disorder, mood & behavioral difficulties, differential diagnoses of co-occurring psychiatric problems, intellectual giftedness, and academic learning disabilities. The assessment test results are helpful in determining an individual’s current level of functioning – as well as helping to identify strategies which help stabilize performance and identifying strategies for effective school/occupational/psychiatric services and relevant accommodations.

Dr. Stiens recently moved to the DC area from St. Louis, Missouri. He is excited to join The Wise Family practice and support the welfare and success of the greater Virginia-DC community.

FAQs For Assessments

How do I tell my child about the test, so it doesn’t seem intimidating?

Tell your child that it is a chance to do some activities that will help us learn lots of things about his/her brain and help us to find the best teacher to teach them!

It isn’t a ‘playdate’ because no toys are available, but we do some word games and activities with blocks. No preparation is required, and in fact, is discouraged.

What kind of setting does the test take place in?

Your child and the evaluator will sit across from each other at a small table. The assessment will be directed by the evaluator in partnership with the child. There are word puzzles and questions, some picture matching and a block task.

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