FAQs & Insurance

Considering family counseling can often be intimidating and brings up a lot of questions and concerns.

The Wise Family has put together some frequently asked questions aimed to address some questions you may have:

Find more information on common family issues, please check out our Resources page.

When does a child need therapy?
What is a child/teen therapy session like?
What is play-based therapy?
How do I talk to my child about his or her therapy session?
What is a family therapy session like?
How long does it take to resolve the problems my child is experiencing?
My husband and I are divorced. What if he won’t agree to counseling?
What are the qualifications of the staff at The Wise Family?
Do you offer online or telehealth therapy?
Do you prescribe medication?
I’m a very private person and it is important to me that anything discussed during therapy sessions remains confidential. Is my confidentiality completely protected?
What are your fees for services?
What kind of assessments does your practice offer?


We are preferred providers with Tricare but we are not partnered with any insurance companies. This means that we do not accept insurance reimbursement directly. Whether you use an out of network or in-network provider, you may have a deductible that must be met before services are covered at any rate.

Ask these questions of your insurance provider:

  • Do I have mental health benefits?
  • What are my benefits for an out-of-network provider?
  • How do I submit invoices for reimbursement?
  • For all insurance carriers, we will provide you with a receipt for reimbursement in the form of your monthly invoice or sometimes referred to as a Superbill.