Brain Training

Working Memory & Attention Training

For Children, Teens & Adults

Cogmed is an evidence-based training program that improves working memory. Delivered via iPad, it is particularly beneficial for kids who struggle to follow multi-step instructions, comprehend reading or complete math tasks. It is also available to teens and adults who struggle with attention dysfunction. The training is conducted under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

What is Cogmed?

Cogmed is offered for preschool children (JM module), school-age children (RM module) and adults (QM module). It has been effectively used with the general population as well as in individuals with ADHD, working memory deficits due to learning disability, cochlear implants, stroke, acquired brain injury, etc. 

If you or your child have difficulty concentrating, ignoring irrelevant information, holding several chunks of information in mind, planning and organizing, getting started and staying on task, then Cogmed training can be helpful in resolving these issues. We have many years of experience working with children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and memory training has proven to be especially effective for ADHD children and young adults.

Recent metanalysis (based on 36 research studies) published in “Nature” magazine by European ADHD Guidelines Group (EAGG) suggests that Cogmed training can lead to significant improvement in ADHD-related attention symptoms.

Training Phases


The Wise Family has been a part of the development of Cogmed since 2009. The exciting new version of Cogmed training is only available through professional channels and The Wise Family is proud to be part of a worldwide network of Qualified Cogmed Practices.

Cogmed training generally consists of the following phases:

  • Initial interview: We schedule a session with the person interested in going through the program (or the parent if it is a child) to evaluate how he or she might benefit from the training.
  • Start-up session: We plan and structure the training together with the participant/family.
  • Five weeks of training with weekly coach calls: The participant trains at home, school or work, or another comfortable location and generally progresses through five 10 – 45 minute sessions each week. The Cogmed Coach talks to the participant on a weekly basis to provide advice on how to get the most out of the training, give feedback, and motivate progress.
  • Train: In each session, the logged-in player completes a series of video-game-like exercises – such as remembering and repeating the order in which a panel of lights or a field of asteroids is illuminated. The system responds to right and wrong answers. Correct choices trigger an increase in difficulty designed to push the limits of working memory. Incorrect inputs cause the difficulty to decrease so players don’t become frustrated. Exercises test both visual and verbal working memory. In the course of each session, players complete approximately eight different exercises.
  • Access to the Cogmed training web: Trainees, parents, and the Cogmed Coach have access to the training portal and can review and monitor the results of each day’s training,.
  • Wrap-up session: One month after the training is complete, we summarize the training with the participant and provide feedback data from the Cogmed rating scales.
  • Six month follow-up interview: We re-evaluate the effects of the training, now that more time has elapsed and the effects have fully emerged.
  • Cogmed extension training: The user gets access to 100 more sessions of training with the software, to use over a 12-month period following the completion of the five-week training period. Cogmed Extension Training is optional.

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