Turn down Stress, and Turn up Fun – Part Two

August 20, 2020

Don’t let the stress of quarantine and COVID-19 ruin your family’s end of summer plans! There are several activities that can help distract little kids from stress and keep them busy. There are all sorts of summer fun and learning opportunities for children to be doing over the summer. Playing is learning, so it’s time to get creative. If it is a nice summer day, go outside with your little ones, get messy, and have some fun!

Here are a few activities that help kids get active and forget about stress.

  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt! Go out to your backyard and have the kids collect anything they want, or you can prepare a list of items ahead of time. Spending time in nature has both immediate and long term benefits, and a scavenger hunt is a great distraction!
  • Preschoolers love to splash around and play with water, so some great water activities are water balloons or a DIY waterslide using tarp, water, and soap. Any activity that gets your child active can help calm the stress induced fight or flight response.
  • Exercise can help them feel more in control, so encourage them to run as fast as they can through the yard!
  • If it’s raining outside, focus on having your child use some brain power. Ask them to count backwards from 100 or do a crossword puzzle with them. Working on a specific task, unrelated to their worry, can help them manage a stressful situation.

Try these activities and have some fun with your little ones this summer and throughout the year!

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Until next time, Be Wise!