Turn down Stress, and Turn up Fun – Part Four

August 20, 2020

Being a teenager is extremely stressful. Stress usually results from pressure to do well in school, sports, relationships, life changes like leaving high school, feeling overwhelmed by stress, and a lack of sleep. Help your teen relax this summer and into the school year by listening to them, spending time with them, and by doing activities they enjoy.

Teens and stress

Teenagers are extremely busy, so they need to take time everyday to have a moment to themselves. One relaxing exercise you can teach your teen is to focus on the present. Have them go to a quiet place free from distractions. Give them a piece of their favorite fruit and tell them to use their five senses to study the fruit. This means feel the texture, smell it, listen to what it sounds like when you take a bite, and then taste it. Focus on only your senses. Silence the world around you and everything that is going on in your life. Think about only the here and now.

This short exercise allows teens to take a step back from their crazy lives and live in the moment. Many teens are so involved that it’s important for them to take time for themselves to recharge and relax.

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