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Blazing the Parenting Trail

What if you could have a confident grip on the wheel?

Young ones who get into scraps right as you get on the phone with a good friend…
A daughter who bosses around all the other girls on the playground…
A son who’d rather make armpit farts to crack up his classmates than read…
A teen who throws a fit when their soccer team loses…
A spouse who handles family discipline in the exact opposite way of what you think is best…

Parenting is a journey without a destination.

It can be beautiful, but also uncertain and frightening. Full of bumps in the road – and while we’re at it, car sickness, speeding tickets, course corrections, and breakdowns.

And as a result?

We spend a lot of the journey missing the view.

If you’re a mom, a dad, a couple, or a divorced couple working to navigate the ups and downs of raising kids, you’re probably worried that you’re making a million mistakes. Or that your child is doomed for lifelong therapy. Or that you’re doing everything right, and it still isn’t working.

But what if someone could change that?

What would it be like to feel confident you’re doing it right, and enjoy the trip…even when you hit the bumps and potholes?

That’s not a wild fantasy.

It’s a reality. One we help parents create every day.

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We’re a WISE Family. Our team consists of child & teen psychologists, educators and the unsung hero: parents.

Our team at WISE Family Wellness are parenting journey trailblazers.

We’ve spent the past 30 years learning and growing from parenting, and now, we’re helping parents like you to navigate it better and have a lot more fun.

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Introducing the Parenting Trailblazer Coaching Program

The Parenting Trailblazer Coaching Program is here to help you discover the tools to enjoy parenting…and to enjoy your kids!

Using our Wise Family Wellness brain and heart strategies through a carefully crafted consulting process, you’ll finally be able to appreciate the ride you’re on together as a family. You’ll realize immediate positive results in how you think about yourself as a parent, how you co-parent, and how you show up for your children.

The Parenting Trailblazer Coaching Program will make reading guides and searching the internet so last year, providing successful, proven new parenting techniques that will change your family relationships – and the view from the driver’s seat forever.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our Parenting Trailblazer Coaching Program and how it will help you.

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