Group Therapy

The Wise Family Group Therapy Offerings

The Wise Family offers a variety of groups to help individuals who might benefit from processing life’s challenges with others experiencing similar issues. Groups provide a sounding board, structure for accountability, and a container for difficult conversations or emotions. The group process facilitates giving and receiving support in a safe environment with the opportunity to practice vulnerability and healthy boundaries.

Below is a list of groups The Wise Family is currently offering. If you have any general questions, please contact 

*Due to COVID-19, many groups have moved to an online format through our HIPAA compliant video platform. Please contact the counselor listed for more information. 

Upcoming Groups:

Children in Change Support Group

Change can be scary.

The decisions in family change are not made by children. Therefore, children and youth often feel powerless in the face of overwhelming changes in their lives and they often have few skills for coping with these changes.

This group will offer support for children who have experienced significant changes in their families. Group members will be encouraged to share openly about their changes and feelings while developing an understanding that they are not to blame for adult situations.

This group will guide children to cope in healthy ways while both acknowledging and teaching about feelings of grief and loss.

WHEN: Wednesdays at 5:00 pm and begins on March 17th, 2021!

COST is ONLY $379 for the first six sessions! This will be an ongoing group consisting of 12 total sessions.

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PRISM Teen Support Group

This is a weekly, ongoing group for teens who want a safe and affirming space to explore who they are and build connections without the fear of being judged or rejected because of their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. This group will provide group members with the experience of identity development and healing through an inclusive and accepting community.

**Virtual PRISM groups are Tuesdays at 5pm

**In-person PRISM groups are Tuesdays at 7pm at our Winchester office

This group will be facilitated by Tati Hernandez.

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College Prep Teen Group


Stressed about college and having to make decisions?

Want to work through those stressors with a group of your peers?!

This 8-week session will explore:

  • Academic student stress
  • Stress-related to the college choice process
  • Explore college going strategies
  • Establish 3-5 year plan
  • Begin to explore life and identity post high school

COST: $350 per person

Contact us for information for the next session!

Confidence Code for Girls Book Club:

Get ready to start feeling every bit the strong, smart, talented girl that you are!  Using the book “The Confidence Code For Girls” by Katty Kay and Clair Shipman, and the accompanying journal this group will support pre-teens (3rd – 6th grade) in working through social challenges, finding their voice, and loving who they are. (Both the book and journal are included.)

Group sessions will be facilitated by Tiffaney Knight.

Upcoming Group: 

August 16th through September 27th, 2021

*Each group will run for six weeks

Cost for this six-week group is only $375 per person. This group is ideal for 5th-7th grade. 

Both the book and journal are included in this price. 

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Self-Esteem Group for Pre-Teens


Pre-Teen Power!

This group will empower pre-teens who struggle with navigating their roles within peer groups, family and society to become aware of their own core values while establishing strong communication skills, self-esteem, and emotional resiliency. The biggest result group members will experience is being able to navigate their world with an understanding of their own identity.

The group is ONLY $379 for six sessions.

The next session starts on March 29th, 2021. Group sessions will be held weekly at 5pm. 

This group will be facilitated by Whitney Taylor.

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Social Skills Tinker Group

Social Skills Group

Boost your child’s social skills!

The Wise Family is pleased to offer a 4-week social skills group, led by experienced counselor, Kasey Cain, LPC. Kasey will guide kids through hands-on skill-building activities to boost problem-solving, navigating how to share materials, and how to ask adults or peers for help.

Group sessions start on July 10th, 2021. 

The group will be held weekly on Saturdays from 10:00 am – 11:00 am. (July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st)

Cost for this 4-week group is ONLY $255!

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Virtual Teen Talk Support Group

This weekly group is designed for teens as they navigate the collective impact of the COVID pandemic. The focus will be on processing what may have been lost over this last academic and social year, and providing support for the future. Group members will develop mindful skills for self-regulation, which will aid in the development of resilience and self-compassion.

When: The first session starts on Friday, June 18th, 2021 at 12pm.

Group will be held weekly on Fridays at 12 pm for 60 minutes.

**Virtual meetings only, at this time.**

This group will be facilitated by Wise Family clinicians Whitney Taylor.

Cost for this 6 week group is ONLY $397! 

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Power Up Group for Boys

Group Therapy for Boys in Alexandria

his group for boys ages 9-11 will focus on sportsmanship, positive communication, and relationship skill-building, with an emphasis on helping boys to both recognize and express their emotions. As a result, group members will become more confident and effective in their social circles and relationships.

Boys learn skills of perspective-taking, empathy, and conflict resolution while growing their positive and collaborative leadership qualities through practice both inside and outside of the group.

This group is appropriate for boys who need support in learning to:

  • “Read” themselves and their environment
  • Self-regulating
  • Developing attention and focus
  • Growing positive self-esteem.

When: Starts on Thursday, June 24th at 4pm

Held weekly on Thursdays for 6-weeks.

Cost for this group is $379! 

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Body Talk Group for Teen Girls

Body Talk Group for Teens

This group will empower teen girls to decrease obsessions about body issues while focusing on self-love, and freeing up brain space for what feels good.

This group will explore real-life dilemmas in our society while offering affirmations and actionable takeaways. Group members will be able to spend less time thinking about how their body looks, and spend more time on channeling self-love and individuality. This group is ideal for 8th-10th grade girls.

When: This group runs for 6 weeks starting on Wednesday, June 23rd

Time: 4pm-5pm

**In this group, we will be using the book, BodyTalk: How to Embrace Your Body and Start Living Your Best Life. 

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