Group Therapy

Wise Family Wellness Group Therapy Offerings

Wise Family Wellness offers a variety of groups to help children, teens and parents who might benefit from processing life’s challenges with others experiencing similar issues. Groups provide a sounding board, a structure for accountability, and a container for difficult conversations or emotions. The group process facilitates giving and receiving support in a safe environment with the opportunity to practice vulnerability and healthy boundaries.

Below is a list of groups Wise Family Wellness is currently offering. If you have any general questions, please contact

*Some groups may be offered in an online format through our HIPAA-compliant video platform. 

*Insurance reimbursement assistance for group therapy is available upon request. Please contact Tewayne Johnson at for information and support. 


Executive Functioning & Emotional Regulation Group

The purpose of this ADHD Counseling Group is to provide a culturally competent, safe, and understanding environment.

In this group, both adolescents and teens can explore their daily challenges living with ADHD, learn coping strategies, and develop habits to increase executive functioning skills to manage their ADHD effectively. The group will incorporate fun into learning new skills and will aim to encourage and uplift members of the group.

Who is this group for? Designed for participants in Middle School & High School

Where: Alexandria Office

Dates: Ongoing group held on Fridays 

Time: 5:00pm for Middle School Group and 6:00pm for the High School Group

Cost: $75 per group session 

*The price of this group includes the ADHD Workbook and an ADHD starter kit. 

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Calm and Clear Substance Support Group for Teens

The Wise Family is offering an ongoing, co-ed group focused on supporting teens 14-17 struggling with the challenges that substance use and associated mental health symptoms cause.

This group will be facilitated by Resident in Counseling, Cleo Chalk, and is a harm reduction group. Participants will focus on reducing reliance on substances, learning about mental health, and inner resource management/coping skill development.

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Middle School Declassified Summer Group

The Middle School Declassified group will focus on providing valuable resources to help students navigate the significant changes and challenges that come with transitioning from elementary to middle school.

Some of the topics we will cover include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding emotions
  • Developing coping strategies
  • Building social skills
  • Fostering study skills and organization
  • Addressing concerns
  • Promoting self-advocacy


Offering two summer sessions in late June and early August 2024. Exact dates to be announced soon!


TBD (Alexandria or Falls Church office)


Monday – Friday




$400 *Cost to include a welcome kit for participants which will include a fidget, calendar, journal and a ‘survival guide’.

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PRISM Teen Group

Prism Group is back and in person at our Alexandria office!

This is an open and ongoing group that functions as a drop-in hour for peer-to-peer LGBTQ+ support. This affirming and brave space provides group members with the experience of identity exploration and healing through an inclusive and accepting community.

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The Wise Family Alexandria Office






$50 per hour

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Middle School Girls Group

This group is designed to help empower middle school girls who struggle with navigating their roles within peer groups, family and society. To become aware of their own core values while establishing strong communication skills, self-esteem, and emotional resiliency.

The biggest result group members will experience is being able to navigate their world through their own lens; with an understanding of their own identity.

Registration is not open at this time. Please check back for updates on our next group session or feel free to join the waitlist using the below button.

Cost: ONLY $379 for 6 group sessions 

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Confidence Code for Girls Book Club:

Get ready to start feeling every bit the strong, smart, talented girl that you are!  Using the book “The Confidence Code For Girls” by Katty Kay and Clair Shipman, and the accompanying journal this group will support pre-teens (3rd – 6th grade) in working through social challenges, finding their voice, and loving who they are. 

Group sessions will be facilitated by clinician Katie Thompson.

Registration is not open at this time. Please check back for updates on our next group session.

This group will meet in person on a weekly basis. The cost for this six-week group is only $379 per person and is ideal for girls aged 10-12 years old. (Materials included.)

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Middle School Declassified Group for Parents

Middle school can be…a lot. As a parent, it can be hard to watch your child struggle with the new stressors and big feelings that come along with being in middle school.

The Middle School Declassified for Parents is a group where parents will be provided with helpful strategies and tools to talk with their children about what to expect in middle school, as well as given a space to process feelings of their own. We’re all in this together!

Registration is not open at this time. Please check back for updates on our next group session or feel free to join the waitlist using the below button.

Cost: $379 for 6 group sessions 

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Magical Mental Wellness Group

This group is designed to lead wizards and witches on a magical journey towards mental well-being. This group will cover the topics of happiest memories, fears, identity, and more!

The main takeaway group members will gain is:

You are not alone, and your magic shines brightly from within.

This group is for teens and tweens who share a passion for Harry Potter and mental well-being.


Starting on Saturday, April 6th *Please note, this group will not meet on May 4th


10 am on Saturdays


$350 for 8 group sessions

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EmpowerHer: Teen Girls Social Anxiety Support Group

Welcome to EmpowerHer, a safe and supportive space designed exclusively for teenage girls grappling with social anxiety. Led by experienced facilitators, this group offers a nurturing environment where you can share your experiences, connect with peers facing similar challenges, and learn effective coping strategies to navigate social situations with confidence.

Our group sessions provide a platform for open discussion, where you can express yourself freely without fear of judgment. Whether you’re struggling with speaking in front of others, making new friends, or feeling overwhelmed in social settings, EmpowerHer is here to offer guidance and encouragement every step of the way.


On Mondays starting on April 15th, 2024




Alexandria Office or Falls Church


$520 for 8 sessions ($65 per session)

**(You can opt to pay 2 payments of $260)

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