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Kids are a journey!

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Do you wish you had a roadmap?

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Be the one!

Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him! Wish you could figure out how to be the one? Schedule a FREE 15-minute chat!

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Counseling and Family Consulting Services designed to inspire the growth of WISE Families.

WISE Mind Solutions, LLC, is a Northern Virginia-based psychotherapy, education and family consulting practice created to guide and inspire families to build resilient communication and emotional intelligence.

Our focus is to provide children and their families with essential knowledge, tools and resources through individual and group therapy, assessment, brain-based training and professional and parent development seminars.

Blazing the parenting trail:


Young ones who get into scraps right as you get on the phone with a good friend…
A son who’d rather make armpit farts to crack up his classmates than read…
A spouse who handles family discipline in the exact opposite way of what you think is best…

Ah, parenting.

It’s a journey without a destination. It can be beautiful, but also uncertain and frightening. Full of bumps in the road – and while we’re at it, car sickness, speeding tickets, course corrections, and breakdowns.

And as a result?

We spend a lot of the journey missing the view.


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  • We read through your website from start to finish and were so impressed by your extensive credentials and training but, the real reason why we want to work with you is your clear enthusiasm for children and families and the wisdom and deep love you share for both!
    —Mom of 12-year-old child with special needs
  • Amy knows how to relate to children, and make them feel comfortable . My son was shy at the beginning but Amy asked him a couple questions about what he likes and immediately found the connection to him. He happily followed her in the office (just after a 3 min of conversation) and preformed the test. He wasn't nervous or scared and it's bc of her ability to relate to kids. We had a great experience and he wants to go back! Thank you very much!
    —Dad of 5-year-old assessment client
  • She has been a tremendous help with family issues and getting our children organized for success in life. Highly recommend her.
    —Mom of three young adults ages 20 – 24
  • “Amy talks about moving children from being externally-driven to internally-driven…and she helps you get there!”
    —Parent of 15-year-old daughter
  • “Amy brings together the best emotion-focused strategies with cutting-edge brain science to change the lives of children and families”
    —Parent of adopted twin girls
  • “I went home and practiced what Amy taught me…and it worked!”
    —8-year-old coaching client
  • “Amy is like Oprah – she’s the neighbor you love who is very, very smart”
    —Parent of 14-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter
  • “Thank you so much for all you do and care for me. And all the work you do for my family. I {heart} you.”
    —10-year-old coaching client

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