Turn down Stress, and Turn up Fun – Part One

August 20, 2020

It’s still summertime which means it’s time to turn down stress, and turn up fun! Especially as many across the country begin their school year. Whether that is fully remote, in-person or a hybrid of the two. 

Stress occurs at every age, however, many people believe that only adults experience stress. Stress in children can result from school, homework, friends, bullying, family disruptions, changes in routines, and many other situations. It is important for parents to identify stress in children and teens to help them learn how to cope with stress. Stress can be observed as a physical reaction such as crying or a headache, or it can be an emotional or behavioral reaction such as worrying or shyness.

Summer is a time for creating new memories, letting loose, and having fun. Help your children unwind and relax by interacting with them and giving them fun activities to do over the summer. The best way to reduce stress for little kids is to have them draw a picture or read a book with them! For older children, going outside and playing with them will take their mind off of anything. Ride a bike together or play catch; exercise is the best way to relieve stress for all ages! Being a teen is very stressful, so the best way to reduce stress is to go for a run or even a walk. Teenagers need someone to talk to, have a conversation with them and reassure them you are there for them and listening to them. Help your family enjoy the summer by turning down stress, and turning up fun! 

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Until next time, Be Wise!