College Success Program

What should your teen major in? Where should they go to college? What is their ideal career? And what will they be good at?

Dr. Amy Parks has been working with teens and families for 30 years to help make sure they are launched on the right path, they are happy, AND your tuition dollars are well spent.

Dr. Amy Parks has four teen/young adults of her own, and the challenge of matching their interests, their abilities, and their desire for BIG football schools versus small Christian universities in the Malibu hills is confusing for everyone.

Let her help take some of the confusion and frustration away, and give you back some peace of mind.

College Success Program

The College Success Program includes a Future Focus Assessment which will help you and your teen make informed decisions about college and career based on their strengths and interests. You will also have personalized guidance from Dr. Amy Parks.

This assessment package includes an online combined assessment using two of the world’s most recognized tests, which your teen can do from the comfort of their bedroom. After they complete it, the results will be reviewed, and a 60-minute video feedback session with your teen (and you) will be scheduled. A detailed and comprehensive written report will also be provided.

We also offer a College Success Program in June, July and August. This is a 10-hour summer seminar for Juniors & Seniors.

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