Screen Time – A Dream or A Nightmare?

January 20, 2016

Lead by Example

The saying, “Do what I say, not what I do!” is BALONEY!  Our kids are watching our every move so, if you want your children to turn down their media use…then you do too!  We have a few media rules in our house you could consider – 1.  No cell phones or other media at the table during meals, 2. All cell phones in kitchen over night, 3. No video games during the school week.




And if you have teens that are preparing to drive, do we need to mention NO texting and driving!

Widen your conversational net

When kids bring up their scores or strategies in various video games, the latest YouTube video sensation, or the Snapchat story of friend, ask questions and really pay attention to the answers.  And while you are listening, try to listen in a bit deeper to how these experiences make them feel.  Not all video games and group chats are bad!  In fact, they can help develop a host of cognitive and social skills!  Then widen your conversation by asking open ended questions about these activities like, “How did you get so good at playing this game?” or “What do you do when you notice that someone in your friend group has gotten left out of a group chat?”


screentime_Teens 2


Make a plan together

Take some time together to have a “Family Council” meeting to discuss electronics privileges and limits.  Show them the infographics above and ask them how much time they think is too much screen time!  Then figure out some safe usage rules around sites allowed, time on screens and time of day on screens.  Don’t be the parent that says, “Oh, I don’t understand that so I am not going to get involved.”  Get involved!

And if you want more help navigating this Internet-connected world with your tweens and teens, reach out at (ha ha) – or we have a good “old-fashioned” phone, too (1-844-WISE-FAM).






Check out this Wise Family resource on internet safety for children and teens:

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