The Importance of Play

May 4, 2016

Recently, I was driving to my daughter’s softball game and turned on NPR.  The conversation was with Erika Christakis, the author of the book, The Importance of Being Little.

You might have heard her name before as she made headlines last fall when she stirred some angry protests at Yale University, where she is a lecturer at the Yale Child Study Center.

Her comments to the Yale community asked if we are underestimating kids in terms of their enormous capacity to be thoughtful and reflective, because we are not giving them enough time to play.

Christakis says, “…the No. 1 thing for kids is to have a chance to play, to make friends, to learn limits, to learn to take their turns.”

We’re kicking off May with a few weeks of playtime!   Enjoy The Wise Family version of play with our video below and look for Play it Forward Friday ideas every week!

Go out and play!

Be Wise!