Five Day Growth Mindset Challenge: Day 3 – Fixed or Growth Mindset

August 1, 2018

As parents we are often aware of how are children are growing. The dress that fit Susie last week is suddenly a mini skirt and Johnny’s toes are all of the sudden smashed in the tennis shoes that seemed to fit just yesterday. Another growth area that we challenge you to be aware of is your child’s mindset. Mindset is the way that your particular brain thinks. A growth mindset is a positive way of looking at and thinking about things that occur every day. For example, “Practice makes perfect!”. A fixed mindset is when you believe that things can’t get better, even with practice.

This week we challenge you to talk with your kids about the different mindsets and ways of viewing the world. Download the graphic below to talk about the different ways of thinking. We also encourage you to challenge your kids throughout the day on their mindset and encourage them to have a growth mindset, even when the going gets tough!

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Grow, baby, Grow!

Until next week, Be Wise!