Day 5 – 5 Things I Can Tell Myself

August 15, 2018

Here we are at the final day of our 5-Day Mindset challenge. And the one thing we haven’t talked about is how we talk to ourselves. Maybe talking out loud to yourself works for you, or maybe you just have an inner voice that tells you stories and guides you in your life. How we talk to ourselves plays a huge role in our lives. It’s amazing the things that we do and don’t believe about ourselves, just by the words we use. This week we challenge you to work with your kid(s) to find words and phrases that will help them keep on trying, even when things get hard.

Thanks for joining us on this growth mindset challenge! We hope it encouraged you and your children and that you were able to learn and grow together! Remember that you can get the full challenge at BIGLIFEJOURNAL.COM. And tag us with your photos on Instagram @wisefamilies or comment on our Facebook page Wise Families! We would love to hear what you thought of this challenge, and if you’d like more!

And as always, stay wise!