Ways We Are Fostering Anxiety

October 10, 2018

Image (c) Getty Images

The Number #1 reason that kids and teens come to see us at The Wise Family is because they are experiencing anxiety – anxiety at home, at school, in social situations, taking the SAT, even out having a pizza with friends.

The ability to handle anxious feelings has become so difficult for kids and teens because it has become to easy to hide from them – avoid them – or soothe one’s self into feeling something else all together. This month we are launching two LIVE Teen Talk high school groups – one for girls on Mondays and one for boys on Thursdays. One of the primary goals of the groups is to help teens build the resilience they are so seriously lacking – that kind of mental toughness that contributes to strong decision making and confidence even when times are tough! And times are often tough when you are a teen.

The article attached gives you a bit more insight into why we are seeing such an increase in anxiety among kids and teens. Next week we will share with you some really helpful ways to do something about it!


Until next week, Be Wise!