Part Two: Therapy in a Group Format

May 17, 2023

In Part One, we covered how special group therapy can be when you are able to connect with its members. In group therapy, being open and brave enough to share our true selves creates a safe and supportive environment for everyone. It helps us form deep connections with others, find understanding, and grow together toward healing and personal development.

Miguel Alcantara, Resident in Counseling

Group therapy is a setting where people grow, connect, and learn. When beginning the group therapy process a lot of thoughts and questions can come up. Thoughts like “What will the group be like?” and “I hope that people like me”.

Groups are spaces that are carefully cultivated to support their members and facilitators are the guide to show members how to support each other. Finding community in people that come from a shared experience or identity holds a lot of power. Being able to hear from the group members and their experiences offers a chance to get to know them and helps foster deeper connections between the members. Opening up in front of others may sound scary, but bravery and vulnerability make it all worthwhile.

Katie Thompson, Supervisee in Clinical Social Work

There’s something powerful about individuals choosing to be vulnerable in a community. And yes, there are absolutely easier choices than vulnerability. But those choices don’t support our growth and prevent us from living our most authentic life. Comfort freezes us in time and closes us off from meaningful connection. However, showing up as your true self and sharing it with others is power. It’s bravery at its core and it allows us to grow in ways we couldn’t predict.

Attending a support group is an opportunity to choose bravery over comfort, and an opportunity to watch others choose to be brave too. Your peers who are listening to your story not only see you but understand what you’re going through. And while navigating a struggle by ourselves does seem more comfortable, and therefore, easier, navigating something in a community is real healing.

I love that The Wise Family offers group services to kids because it gives them the chance to show up for themselves and to show up for others. They learn valuable social skills and deepen their confidence in themselves and their story. If you or a loved one is interested in groups but feels nervous about being vulnerable with others, I encourage you to choose bravery, connection, and community over fear and discomfort. That group needs you and your story!

Look out for the third part of our Therapy in a Group Format series.

Until next time, Be Wise!