Make a little SHIFT Happen

February 8, 2017

So far this year, I have been thinking, writing and talking about the concept of change in families. Families come to me all the time to help them change – routines, behaviors, feelings…but change can be a scary word for many of us. I would rather approach this notion of change using the word SHIFT.


Making a SHIFT in the way your family goes about the business of getting everyone off to school by looking at the routine and tweaking a few elements – like no TV/iPad in the morning to delay the process of teeth, clothes, breakfast.

Making a SHIFT in your response to your child’s frustrated LEGO-piece-throwing by making the suggestion, “Is there a way I can help you with this?” or “Sometimes when we take a break from a frustrating project, we come back to it with new ideas.”

Making a SHIFT in how we support the big feelings that our kids experience. When they expresses sadness and hurt, shift your approach by sitting quietly and holding them – without trying to fix it or solve it – just be together with your child.

Families don’t usually need “fixing” by seeking out big changes. You might just consider SHIFTING your approach…your perspective.

You might be surprised at the big changes that magically happen by just a little SHIFT.

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Until next week, Be Wise!