Code Words From Kids

May 16, 2018

We see kids, teens (and, sometimes, parents) with anxiety on a daily basis at The Wise Family. But even though we see folks reporting anxiety all the time, a 2015 Child Mind Institute study reported that 80% of kids with a diagnosable anxiety disorder are not getting treatment.

We wonder…

Anxiety disorders actually affect one in eight children. And some amount of anxiety is considered a normal part of childhood, and the phases are usually temporary. But children who suffer from an anxiety disorder experience fear, nervousness, and shyness, and they start to avoid places and activities.

It is hard for parents to know which behaviors are the temporary kind, and which are the more serious anxiety-disorder-kind. We use a variety of assessments and impressions to make a diagnosis, and you can do some detective work on your own (we call that CSI of the MIND) by reading the article below, and watching this great video to pick up on some questions to ask, and some not-so-subtle clues that anxiety is something to consider.

Article: The Two Questions All Parents of Young Kids Should Ask Themselves



And when you are ready to get some help, we are always here – Be Wise!