Summer Activity Ideas During A Pandemic

June 2, 2020

By Dorri C. Scott, MSW, Resident Family Therapist and Parent Coach in Northern Virginia 

Typically June marks the beginning of summer and the end of another school year.

Camps for kids, swimming in community pools, family vacations, county fairs and that wonderful feeling of feet sunk in a hot sandy beach are amongst the pleasures enjoyed of summers. 

In an instance, everything suddenly was different.  The pandemic and COVID-19 changed everything.  Overnight, schools across the nation shut their doors.  Businesses posted “CLOSED” signs with no open date added in the fine print. Grab and go with street side pickup was the best eating out option available and masks are now the new fashion statement for fashionistas and protection.

As parents became teachers at home, many worked from newly created offices on dining room tables and zoom took off like wild fire or be left out.

As summer approaches, parents ask about the new norm and frequently ask. “When will this end?”  Moreover and equally as important, parents wonder, “When will the kids go back to school and what must one do to stay sane as we figure things out?”  

Initially a winter interruption, the answers and solutions for how to move forward with clear cut answers left most feeling uncertain.  Adjusted (somewhat) parents around the world have come accept – the unprecedented time is not going away. What’s next?

Ideas for Summer Activities

To best prepare, here are a few ideas parents may want to consider as summer arrives. New and innovative ways to manage the pandemic pause over the summer may include:

  • Story times on line from local libraries and organizations
  • Enable a dedicated family activity time with a specified “something to do” each day of the week
  • Family hike, walk about in the neighborhood and bike ride
  • Set up a treasure hunt
  • Plan a cookout and s’mores for dessert
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Take virtual trips to museums, national parks and have a camping experience in your own backyard
  • Join a Facebook Live dance party
  • Play and build a family Lego project
  • Complete a family puzzle
  • Break out the board games
  • Start a family diary, share the stories and interview family members on zoom
  • Start a book club
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Search online for colleges and take virtual tours
  • Make homemade soap and use it!
  • Have fun spelling bee contests with prizes – weekly
  • Grow a garden. Eat and serve the vegetables
  • Be creative.  Have fun, talk openly about the pandemic; what it means to your family, what can be done to STILL have fun in the sun. Ask your kids to share their ideas. Incorporate and embrace the NOW and come to know… the new norm is here to stay.


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