How can your family help build a sense of Community?

February 11, 2021

Parents are worried.
Kids are confused.

The country has lost over 400,000 people to COVID-19. The pandemic, mask-wearing, learning from zoom has caused most to say ENOUGH.

What can families do?

One year ago in February 2020, COVID entered the USA. Within days, news spread throughout the United States as each state was added to the list of infected communities. In a frenzy, we sought ways to protect our health.
Finding masks to protect became the next best defense. Stories about what and how to “act” were fast coming as the story; the virus, its mystery, and problem grew.

Ways to cope as a family during the pandemic

One year later, our children are STILL at home.

One year later, we face a tough winter. And most recently, scientists shared new information about a deviated version of the deadly virus. YIKES! What’s a family to do?

Here are 5 Ways to Cope During February:

  1. Stay calm and your children will stay calm. Recognizing pandemic as a temporary problem, we can help each other by staying calm which starts with YOU.
  2. Zoomed out? Consider drive-bys, wave bys, and throwing kisses from the car window to celebrate Valentine’s Day with loved ones who live outside the home.
  3. Take family fitness classes together in the home to distress. Or, try adding weekend or evening walks when the school and workday are done. Both are highly recommended.
  4. Talk about the pandemic – A LOT!. Keep a graph and allow everyone to share their daily feelings.

Black History Month 5. February is Black history month. Founded by Carter G. Woodson, this year we celebrate Feb 1 – Feb 28. The month commemorates a celebratory acknowledgment of achievements by and about African Americans, the culture and history.

Use the month to learn something NEW daily.

Share and collect findings. At the end of the month gather what you have accumulated. Donate the information to a local shelter, library or school in need of resources.


Stay Well! Remember, this too shall pass.

Happy February!

Dorri C. Scott, MSW, Exec. MBA, Director of Education