Conquering Boredom, Apathy and Indifference in the Classroom: Strategies to Engage, Excite and Motivate Your Students

Conquer Boredom and Transform Students

Do you have students who appear to have no interest in their own education? Do they appear dull and lifeless in class? Are teacher’s frustrated with how to reach these students and break through the apathy?

Today’s student brains are different than in past generations. Raised on technology, socially connected via multi-media, and with an entertainment orientation toward learning, these brains are easily bored by traditional lecture-based learning. They present in the classroom as unmotivated, apathetic and indifferent to their educational career.

This workshop will help you can conquer the curse of boredom and transform them from “passive to passionate” with the strategies taught in this workshop. UDO will show you how to engage students every lesson, no matter what the content. You’ll learn the tools for putting students in charge of their own learning and turning their motivation level “upside down.” Most important, you’ll get the skills to put fun and excitement into your lessons without “losing control” of your classroom and you will dramatically increase student retention while you are doing it. You’ll love how your students respond to these strategies!

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn the roots of student boredom as reflected by research including the impact of technology, attention span, relevance processes and instructional methodology.
  2. Participants will experience activities and instructional methods that increase learner engagement, including how to adapt these tools to every developmental level.
  3. Participants will explore the foundations of learning motivation and develop strategies that positively leverage the motivation process.
  4. Participants will practice the three essential skills for facilitating highly engaging experiences; 1) Giving Directions; 2) Teaching Routines and Cues; and 3) Redirecting Behavior.

Sound interesting?