#WiseGratitudeChallenge Continued

November 17, 2021

Our #WiseGratitudeChallenge has been such a hit! 

We’ve received loads of wonderful, funny and cute audio recordings this month. We are loving the wave of positivity and cuteness overload. Our hearts are full and we hope you are enjoying these clips as well. Here’s one that will melt your heart. (Click the below image!) 

Our Gratitude Challenge is focused on staying thankful for thirty days. At the beginning of the month, we sent out a Kindness and Gratitude Calendar for inspiration. We’ve also put together a fun downloadable Gratitude BINGO game you can try with your family. Click the below image to access and download!

Keep those audio clips coming! Just hit “Voice Record” on your phone and have them say “I am grateful for…” then send the recording to

Until next time, Be Wise!