Thought we’d have some fun with you this week after learning all about Executive Functions!

SLANG! Specifically teen slang!

Like – Hey Bae, Don’t be salty cuz you ghosting and being all boujee! Why you curve me, yo? 

I ACTUALLY heard a teen say these EXACT words yesterday! Seriously! And I knew what they meant!  Unless the slang has already changed – which it probably has since yesterday! I was so proud!

Share the below infographic with your teens and see how many are words they actually use, and then let us know in the comments section!

One Response to “Understanding Teen Slang!”

  1. Amy

    Wowza… my times have changed! I’m still using terms like “oh man” and “cool”. Guess I need to up my understanding of teen slang. Urban Dictionary is a huge help for me!


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