Meet the Family

Zach Shifflett

Resident in Counseling

Zach is a Resident in Counseling for The Wise Family. He was born and raised in Winchester, Virginia and currently resides in D.C. Zach completed his undergraduate degree at James Madison University where he studied Psychology and History. He then worked as an Intensive In-Home Therapist until returning to school to pursue his love of therapy, where he received his Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the College of William & Mary.

Zach has worked to grow his therapeutic skills in many settings with various populations, including community mental health, outpatient therapy, and in his current setting, an inpatient psychiatric hospital. Zach’s primary areas of interest are substance misuse, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Zach collaborates with individuals facing challenges in these areas to examine how they would like to grow and move toward their personal goals. Zach loves doing both group and individual work!

Zach believes that the most important part of healing is the therapeutic relationship. He fosters this by creating a strong alliance between therapist and client which is built on trust, authenticity, and reliability. He feels that change is a process of personal insight, healthy challenges, and change through growth. The process of self-discovery is a powerful and beautiful journey, one which he is grateful to be a part of. Zach prefers to delve deeper with individuals and groups, integrating classic counseling techniques with processing and reflection.

Zach is a believer in exploring all hobbies that interest you! If he isn’t practicing therapy, you can find him playing guitar and drums, painting, drawing, fishing, snowboarding, exploring D.C., reading, cooking, hiking, camping, playing video games, playing board games, and spending quality time with friends. Zach believes life is a beautiful adventure to be explored and enjoyed!