Meet the Family

Whitney Taylor

Resident In Counseling

Whitney is a Resident in Counseling for The Wise Family. She can often be found outside with her two dogs, trying new fitness classes, or taking spontaneous trips to new places with her husband. In fact, she even decided to cancel her traditional wedding plans to elope with her husband in Northern California after taking a week to drive the Pacific Coast Highway. She has a passion for cooking whole, organic foods. She can also often be found listening to a podcast about nutrition and the gut-brain axis.

Whitney has called many places home. After being born and raised in a small town in central New Hampshire, Whitney moved to Florida to attend Eckerd College and play Division II softball. She completed her undergraduate degree in Literature along with a minor in Child Psychology. She makes the claim that Eckerd is the greatest place on Earth. After graduating from undergrad in 2014, Whitney worked as an elementary school teacher for three years. She recently decided to make the change to middle school and teaching 8th grade ELA.

She and her husband moved to Alexandria in 2018 along with their two Labrador Retrievers, Addie and Blu. Whitney is completing her Masters Degree at Bradley University and is currently a Resident In Counseling for the Wise Family. Whitney also does non-profit work for Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse (MAPDA) and hopes to one day become a yoga instructor and have her own yoga studio.