Meet the Family

Kasey Cain

Licensed Professional Counselor

Pronouns: she/her

Kasey is a mom to two fabulous daughters. She loves to read, dance, be on or near the water and take naps in her spare time. Kasey’s knowledge of the school system and best practices for teaching and learning, paired with her honed counseling skills, leaves her expertly suited to work with children and their families. She believes in the power of play and that all behavior is communication.

Kasey works collaboratively with children, families, and schools to address challenging behaviors and/or feelings.  Her main goal is to support children in building their own skills so they can regulate emotions, respond to challenges, and face the day with resilience and self-confidence.

She holds a Masters in Education for School Counseling and a Post Counseling Licensure Certificate in Community Counseling. Her professional journey has included teaching preschool, working at the USHMM education programming department, professional school counseling, and community counseling. Since 2006, she has worked in Fairfax County Public schools as an Elementary Professional School Counselor. Kasey is also a Resource Counselor for School Counseling Services in FCPS’s central office.

**Kasey is a senior clinician at The Wise Family.