Summer Fun and Activities!

July 3, 2019

Summer is in full swing! Vacation, lounging at the beach, swimming, chasing the ice cream truck…

How are you doing with those summer activities? Our team of experts have come up with some suggestions for all ages to keep the fun going all summer long!

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Dominique Adkins, Ed.d., LPC, NCC, ACS:
As summer reaches past the half mark teens become increasingly aware of the fast approaching end of summer. With tryouts and school activities starting back up in the coming weeks it is important to STAY PRESENT. Summer is NOT over yet. Here are a few ways to have summer fun and make exciting new memories:

  1. Grab your popcorn and check out an outdoor film. For those of you who are local, each Sunday evening until September 1st, the Mosaic District features a movie.
  2. Grab your yoga mat for Free Yoga in the park on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings at Mosaic Strawberry Park.
  3. Check out a farmers market and try a fun new recipe.
  4. Explore a museum or monument.
  5. Practice or workout for tryouts with friends or family.

There are endless free fun activities still to come this summer. Be sure to try at least one! Take time to enjoy these moments while you prepare for the return of those responsibilities. Focus on the present moment and the stress of the future will slowly fade away so you can have fun!

Amanda Beyland, LCSW: 
Summer is a prime example of how time flies when you’re having fun. With the first few weeks of summer behind us and the routines of swim practices and camps falling into place, there is still plenty of time for fun and adventures!

  • Have a family day at the pool
  • Be a tourist where you live and explore
  • Take a trip to the local craft store and have an afternoon of crafts
  • Make your own mini water park at home with sprinklers and water balloons
  • Beat the heat and have a day at the movies (or make your own movie theater at home!)
  • Encourage your kids to plan a neighborhood bike parade with their friends
  • Get outside – have a family sports day, go bike riding, or explore one of the nature trails

Have fun, try new things, spend time together, and most importantly enjoy the summer!

Kasey Cain, Resident in Counseling:
Can you believe it is already July? The summer season is well under way and school will be starting before we know it. Still, there are plenty of days left to enjoy and so many ways to do so. To find out what summer fun and activities kids like best, I went straight to the source and asked my two adorable girls (I may be biased) ages 8 and 12. Here is what they said :

  • Pool Time
  • Splash Parks/Playgrounds
  • Visit to Nature Centers and Ponds (some with kayaking or paddle boats)
  • Mini Golf
  • Amusement Parks
  • Completing Library Reading Programs and Getting the Reward Coupon Book (The favorite coupon is free ice cream!)
  • Completing the Barnes and Nobles Reading Program and Getting a FREE Book
  • Playdates/Having Friends Over (All of the above are more fun with friends!)

I have to also add my own gentle reminder that it is not just okay but healthy and important for your children to be bored over the summer. Have fun in the summer sunshine!


Until next week, Be Wise!