She Rocks the World is looking for 2017 Ambassadors!

February 15, 2017

SHE ROCKS THE WORLD IS LOOKING FOR AMBASSADORS! Do you want to inspire your teenage daughter to fearlessly use her own voice? Have her become a 2017 She Rocks the World Ambassador!

Deadline for applications is February 28th. Apply HERE today!

About the Program:
She Rocks The World is seeking 7th through 12th grade girls to serve as Ambassadors for 2017! The ambassador program is unlike any other leadership program. Girls increase their confidence and happiness when they are challenged to do things outside of their comfort zones. SRTW has found if teenage girls feel free to express themselves, they will take bigger, positive risks. A positive environment is created filled with supportive, compassionate teens talking about what life is really like for them. She Rocks The World ambassadors gain the skills to handle stress, pressure, and failure as they use their voice in the world!


My friend, Patsy Mangas – founder of She Rocks the World, recently shared 4 things she’s learned about Teenage Girls from 2016. In case you’re still trying to unravel the mystery behind a teenage girls brain, I thought I’d share her insight.


1. When girls are strongly encouraged to walk through their fear to what they want, they will.
2. There is something special about a girl when she has been inspired.
3. Our girls are so smart and wise yet still want and need guidance and encouragement.
4. An empowered girl’s entire presence changes.  She laughs more, speaks up and begins to create.

Why is it that there are only 21 females who are Fortune 500 CEO’s? There is one simple answer. Some claim it’s a boys club while others say it’s because women drop out to raise families.  Recently, two She Rocks the World ambassadors had the opportunity to interview one of the 21 female Fortune 500 CEO’s, Lisa Hook.  Lisa was funny, smart and so open and honest with the girls.  She spoke about how the hardest job she ever had was putting together tractor parts.  She explained how being a CEO is a lot like high school and was asked by her family, after two years at home, to go back to work. In case you’d like to see the whole interview, visit the SRTW YouTube Channel.



Apply here today!

Until next week, Be Wise!