Switching gears this month to a health topic…about a magical elixir!

April 12, 2017

Switching gears to a health related topic this week since many of us are guilty of NOT drinking enough water! My friend, Christine Egan, has created a free 5-Day Water Challenge!


Why a water challenge you ask? Because we are a chronically dehydrated society. As a certified health coach, author, and breast cancer survivor, she’s constantly asked for her #1 health tip. The answer is always: drink more water! When you’re hydrated, you improve energy levels, brain function and mood. (We LOVE the topic of brain function here at The Wise Family!!) It’s a simple way to have more energy, brain focus and create that outer glow — not to mention heal your body from illnesses and imbalances!

Our office manager recently had a baby and this challenge has hit home with her. As a nursing mother, she has experienced first hand how important water is. Dealing with killer headaches and nursing an infant is no walk in the park but as soon as she increased her water intake (more like chugging water 24/7 to keep up with her baby!) her headaches went away, she has more energy and is able to keep up with her bouncing baby boy’s needs.

If you’re up for a healthy challenge, Christine will be sharing tips, motivation, helpful info, and encouragement to boost your water intake daily! Check it out here:

I’ll be joining in on the fun too! I love a good challenge and this one is a healthy one. 🙂

Until next week, Be Wise!