A Letter to My Child’s Teacher

September 10, 2020

Dear Carpool-driving…lunch-making…homework-helping…summer-missing parents –

1st Day of SchoolIt’s over…and the frenetic pace of school days is just beginning.  Breathe…ok, breathe again!  It will be fine!

My biggest worry is making sure my kiddos start off on a good foot with their teachers so, every year (yes, even in high school), I send the attached letter to their team.

Just in case you are wondering, I refrained from sending the letter off with my two oldest to college (but I kept waiting around in the halls on move-in day just in case someone needed me to volunteer to chaperone a field trip or bring snacks to a club meeting – no one asked me).

I thought the letter format might help some of you ease into the school year with grace (and calm) knowing that you have helped your family launch into the year!  Enjoy the fun-filled fall days and take lots of snacks to club meetings – that opportunity ends too soon!

You can download your Introduction letter to the teacher here!

Be Wise!




In my own family and in my work with hundreds of families, I often say this about parenting –

“Parenting is not a destination but a journey, with plenty of potholes and smelly rest stops – but there are also breathtaking scenic overlooks along the way!  Take the time to enjoy the view!” 

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