Let’s Put a Bow on the 12 Habits of a WISE Family

July 1, 2015

Jim Henson 1 copyIt’s time to finally wrap up and put a bow around the 12 habits of Wise families!  Although it was only 12 habits, it appears that it has taken me twice as long to share them with you as intended!  I think we were supposed to wrap up back in April!  Well, as my 15-year-old would say, “YOLO!”  Just doing the best I can!


We have gotten hundreds of comments from all of you by email, snail mail and social media sharing your Wise family habits – and providing us with countless giggles and food-for-thought along the way.  We LOVE your feedback and we’ll keep working to make sure we are learning right along with you!


We’ve been busy in The Wise Family digs with writing, mapping, funneling and growing – we hope you have been too (well, maybe not funneling but, hey, whatever).  Let’s pull together the 12 habits for review:


  1. Wise families thrive on commitment
  2. Wise families work to have a strong relationship between the adult caregivers
  3. Wise families take the time to do things together
  4. Wise families talk to each other in ways that show respect and are clear and direct
  5. Wise families expect and support independence in the children
  6. Wise families share family responsibilities
  7. Wise families develop and nurture positive traditions
  8. Wise families project an attitude of order rather than chaos – both physically and emotionally
  9. Wise families have lots of room for laughter, happiness, and humor
  10. Wise families foster a sense of patience and acceptance of others
  11. Wise families encourage everyone in it to become part of the larger community
  12. Wise families realize that there is a time to ask for help


There you have it!  There are tons of blogs, books and bitches that judge your parenting!  Take what works and toss the rest!


What would happen in your family if you made a commitment to practice just one habit that you need to work on this summer?  Share your thoughts in the comments below or visit us in the social stratosphere!  Remember, YOLO!


Be Wise!