Homework Tips for Parents

October 21, 2015

Resist doing your child's HW


By Guest Blogger – Emily Pavot

Although your teen is in high school, it is OK to help them.

However, there is a difference between helping them and doing the work for them.  I know they have to be independent by the time they graduate high school.  However, if they aren’t there now, by George, help them get there!

For instance, say that your child cannot organize their way out of a shoe box. You may help your teen get organized with the goal that each year more of that responsibility will fall on their shoulders. Maybe, you model going through and organizing their binder.  They are next to you as you go through and model this process. Then, they organize a section on their own. Overtime, they gradually take over the process.  If they need assistance in college, hire a tutor or an academic coach.

That is an example of helping your child.  You want to resist doing your child’s work for them.  As a teacher, I can say that it is frustrating.  There are times that you are assessing work to see if a particular skill needs to be revisited.  When parents help with the homework, that data becomes skewed.

If they are really struggling, it is better if you help them email their teacher and ask for an extension or extra help.  That type of assistance, learning to ask for help, is a real world skill that will benefit them in the future.

About Guest Blogger Emily Pavot:

Emily Pavot has been tutoring in the Northern Virginia area for the past 16 years. She is a certified LD and English teacher who specializes in SAT/ACT prep, reading, writing, and study skills. Interested parties can contact her at

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