Habit #7 – Positive Traditions

February 28, 2015

Wise Families nurture positiveWise families develop and nurture positive traditions.   Family celebrations of big days like birthdays, “gotcha days”, anniversaries, and graduations need to be a big deal.   But little days like snow days, a new moon or the last day of the school year can be special too. These special days are a way to show whoever is involved just how special they are in the family.   Holiday traditions such as cutting/decorating the Christmas tree and observing special religious days are also ways of building this characteristic and strengthening your family.

You may want to establish your own special days for people in your family.   These don’t have to be planned days necessarily.   Giving each child in the family the privilege of being the one who decides where the family goes for lunch over the weekend or what movie to watch on movie night or what snacks to have during relaxing times can be just as positive as holidays.   We eat junk food (e.g., chips and dip, cookies and popcorn) during the Superbowl!

The healthy family has a sense of spirituality and a value system that often emerges from traditions. Developing a belief in a Power larger than self and family often leads to extra support for everyone in the family.   A feeling of purpose beyond self and a value/respect for the larger community of “family” grows from this characteristic.  Having this value system also increases the sense of security all of you will feel in your family.

Nurturing a family value system is not just important – It is vital.  Traditions act as anchors for family values in inevitable rocky seas. If you don’t do this, you can be sure someone will.   Whatever value system your kids develop will guide their behavior to a great extent, not only when they’re kids, but also when they’re adults.  If you are casting about for traditions, ask a few friends or just start making waffles on Sundays and watch the magic happen!

What are your family traditions?  We would LOVE to know and your traditions may inspire someone else, so please share below!