Executive Functioning Training This Summer!

June 12, 2019


Summertime is here for many and in just a few more days for others – and we WANT your family to run around outside, and get wet at the pool, eat popsicles, and build sandcastles on the beach!

What we DON’T WANT is for your kids to lose the great skills they have practiced all year long.

These skills are the kind that don’t really get mastered until the mid-twenties, and are essential for running the world of most folks.

These skills make up the EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING SYSTEM – controlled by a part of the brain called the Pre-Frontal Cortex, or the Frontal Lobe. Think of this part of the brain as the CEO of a person – or like the COACH of a sports team. The EF system manages many different parts of our lives including decision making, goal directed persistence and even many of our social interactions.

This summer we are offering an 8 SESSION Executive Functioning intensive for individuals 10 years and UP! If your child or teen has difficulty focusing, completing tasks, staying organized, keeping up with his/her peers in conversation and activities or trouble with decision making or problem solving, this individual intensive is FOR THEM!

Each lesson is delivered individually by a licensed clinical counselor with specialized training in Executive Function and neuroscience. Lessons can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or on whatever schedule works best for your family and can be conducted by VIDEO or in our family friendly offices in Alexandria, VA, with a workbook included –

Check out the flyer below, and sign up NOW. We only have a few spaces left for this popular summer series!


Until next week, Be Wise!