Exciting News! We’ve Expanded!

March 3, 2017

Welcome to March!  In case you haven’t been in to see us lately, we wanted to share that we have added some space to The Wise Family digs!

In addition to our creative and comfortable play therapy office, we have also added a large, light-filled group space, and will begin hosting several elementary, middle and high school groups this Spring and summer.  The younger set will love our Confidence Club themed groups, and teens will be part of a more sophisticated process-oriented group.  Also look for a College Readiness Intensive series this summer.

Information will be coming soon, and we know they will fill up fast!  Stay tuned!  Also, keep your eyes open for our new blog features coming this month –

“Wise Talk” – A series of timely mini-scripts to help you figure out how to say what you want/need to say to your kiddos at some important times.

“The Wise Family Council” – A monthly feature with input from all of the therapists in The Wise Family so you get a wise breadth of insight from the BEST clinicians in the field!  Cannot miss!

Did you know that we also offer services to families virtually? We work with lots of parents through Zoom, a HIPAA compliant web and video conferencing tool.

We wanted to share some terrific pictures so you could get an idea of the spaces, and we welcome your family to ours at any time.  Reach out at, 1-844-947-3326 to spend some time with us!

Until next week, Be Wise!