Dream With Them, Not For Them

August 19, 2013


My newly-minted High School Senior son announced this morning that there was very little chance he would get into the college of MY choice. I am so disappointed. Although the dire prediction is merely a speculation, I had already imagined the move-in day, the fall football tailgates, the University of bumper sticker and the bragging rights among the moms group! I secretly already bought myself a University Mom mug!

It is hard to reconcile the dream and the reality. Even before our children are born we visualize their interests, their favorite hobbies and their future professional baseball careers. Or aren’t those our visions? Haven’t you ever wished your daughter would become the first doctor in the family or your son a Hollywood movie producer? The first time my kids made scrambled eggs I felt feverish with the idea that they might become the next Food Network stars! But, it isn’t my life – or my dream – that will become their reality. Their reality, and their success in this challenging world, is up to them – with lots of our support, of course.

Even when we have a dream, though, there are a lot of factors that can get in the way of realizing them – time constraints, financial concerns, course corrections along the way. I think that my kids are great and I know, deep in my heart, that they will be amazingly successful contributors to society. But I want everyone to see that! And no one more than their teachers – those fearless leaders who shape their learning, along with their hopes and dreams.


As we approach a new school year, take a few moments to share the special gifts that your child has to share with her class. Tell your son’s teacher what really turns him on and tunes him in at school. Help your children to craft their own hopes into reality. We can certainly dream with them, but not for them! I’m prepared to return the mug…or not!

Click on the link below to print out a template that you can complete about your child to make introductions to the teacher easy.

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