Week three: The Wise Family “Come to the Table” dinner goal… is TALK!

November 13, 2020

From our table to yours!

It is the third week in our “Come to the Table” dinner challenge! If you want to see what we’ve been up to this month, join our Facebook group here.

We have been talking about EATING and PLAYING, and this week our focus is on TALKING.  Families often have a tough time talking together, and it is no secret that dinner is a perfect time for families to connect.

As we move into holiday mode with Thanksgiving next week, think about some things that your family is thankful for. What are your family members’ hopes for the future? What is something that they want to set as an intention for themselves in 2021? If they could eat only one type of pie for the rest of their lives, which one would they pick? I would pick banana cream pie, personally.

To help get the ball rolling, and to keep the mood from turning to politics and religion (two of the top topics to argue about especially after an election!), we’ve shared a great printable of conversation starters for the dinner table. Print it and put it on the fridge to use both on Turkey Day, and throughout the year!

Be Wise.