Top 5 Favorite Sites for Wise Families During COVID

March 24, 2020

In order to help, and possibly maintain your sanity, The Wise Family team compiled some excellent resources to utilize during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

There is a TON of resources being made available to children, teens and families from around the world! It was hard to narrow it down – and we imagine it is IMPOSSIBLE for all of you to navigate the sea of options during COVID – so we thought we’d make it a bit easier.

Keep this page bookmarked and look at the below whenever you have time – or give your teen the job of checking them out and send us your favorites!
Here are our TOP 5 FAVORITE SITES for WISE Families right now – and we’ll keep looking for the super best over the coming weeks.
  • GO NOODLE – Here is a fun one to start with: Melting
  • PROJECT KID – This is a lot like Pinterest for kid craft ideas. Here is a one to start with because we ALL need superheroes.
  • SCHOLASTIC AT HOME – Daily lessons for kids K-9 all laid out for you (like the meal delivery service of academics)
  • PE WITH JOE – Also called The Body Coach TV (cute guy, English accent – what could be bad about that?)
  • VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS – There are lots of museums and aquariums offering virtual field trips and live cameras. Here is a full list of them!
  • And here is our favorite – We LOVE Sea Lions! The George Aquarium has a live feed of some playful California Sea Lions. There are also other live feed videos of other animals to check out. Access the video HERE.

We are here to support you! Be safe. Be Wise. Stay healthy.