Confidence — ​That tricky life skill essential to future successes

April 26, 2017

Confidence — ​That tricky life skill that is built over time and with experience. The belief in one’s ability to succeed is an essential contributor to success for youngsters and for adults! Too much confidence can convey a cocky persona… and too little confidence prevents one from seizing opportunities. Maintaining a healthy balance of confidence is key to life and future successes.

Good social skills are the key to unlocking your child’s full potential… at school, at home and with friends.

Do you feel your child or teen lacks confidence in making friends and managing anger? Or are you a parent of a teenage daughter looking for additional support for your teen? The Wise Family has some exciting news! We are pleased to offer two 6-week social skills groups, led by our experienced therapists, Amanda Beyland and Dominique Adkins, who will guide kids and teens through hands-on skill building activities to boost confidence, improve self-control, manage anxious feelings, and enhance social skills.

Want to know more? Here’s more information on what to expect in each group:


Confidence Club: Social Skills Group for Kids (1st – 3rd Grade)

A support group designed for rising 1st – 3rd graders with a focus on how to manage anger and resolve conflict at home and at school. Kids will learn how to deal with social stress and cope with anxious feelings that may be triggered in a stressful situation. Your child will also learn how to create healthy friendships, build self-confidence in social situations and identify their unique anxiety and anger triggers while building skills to manage all of their feelings in an effective way.

What to expect:
● This group is perfect for kids who have excessive worry, difficulty making or keeping friends, social phobias, shyness, disruptive outbursts, or poor impulse control.

● Our groups are kept small to provide kids with a safe environment and plenty of individual attention to increase confidence and practice skills.

● Parents will get resources to take home to help your child make the most of what they’re learning in this group.

The Confidence Club is a six week group that will begin meeting once a week starting on May 11th. The group will meet on Thursdays and will last from 3:45pm – 5:00pm.


WISE Teen Talk: An Empowering Support Group For Teen Girls

Teen Talk is a support and process group for high school girls led by our therapist, Dr. Dominique Adkins. The purpose of this group is to offer teens support and guidance while they navigate difficult challenges in the world around them. This group provides teens with a safe and comfortable atmosphere to openly discuss the struggles they face, without fear of judgement, criticism or rejection. This group tackles difficult topics ranging from self-worth to conflict resolution and everything in between.

Teen Talk is a six week group that will begin meeting once a week starting on May 11th. The group will meet on Thursdays and will last from 6:00pm – 7:15pm.


Space is limited for both groups! Registration begins soon!! Be on the lookout for more updates from us as we get closer to registration.


Until next week, Be Wise!