Promoting Kindness and Gratitude All Year Long

December 7, 2021

Happy Holidays

Wowza! It’s officially December! 2021 just flew by!

Since our November Wise Gratitude Challenge was such a hit, we decided to continue the gratitude and kindness trend into December. Even though the holiday season brings us warm and fuzzy feelings and joy, our efforts to volunteer and give back tend to wane during the busier times of the year. We should all make it a habit to dedicate ourselves to promoting kindness and gratitude throughout the year.

According to a recent article on Positive Psychology, Gratitude is a very powerful human emotion. And it has amazing psychological and physical effects on the body and brain! (We are huge fans of brainpower here at The Wise Family!)

Showing and expressing gratitude increases self-esteem, selflessness, spirituality, empathy and optimism. It can also help reduce stress, improve your quality of sleep, and builds emotional awareness.

For daily inspiration, we’ve put together a December Kindness & Gratitude Calendar. Click the below image to access and download.

Until next time, Be Wise! And Kind!