Back to School Strategies Continued!

August 13, 2019
Summer has flown by! Our newest team member, Vanessa Mackall Lal, offers more insight on how to ease back into a school routine this week. Read on below for her back to school tips! 


Vanessa Mackall Lal, Resident in Counseling:

As summer begins to wind down, most of us have noticed all of the back to school commercials and radio ads intending to remind us to prepare for this seasonal transition. It can be a bit daunting returning to the classroom after all of the summer fun for some kiddos. Preparation, and encouragement can go a long way in helping kids and families ease into the upcoming school year with confidence!

Listed below are a few back to school strategies designed to help kids and families celebrate their transition into the upcoming school year.

  1. Host a Back to School Party – Going back to school is an event worth celebrating! Gifts and school supplies, like new clothes, retro pencils, and themed notebooks can help kids and families view the back to school transition as something to look forward to, and gives kids the opportunity to solidify friendships before returning to school.
  2. Create a comfortable “study space”, equipped with a school calendar – Helping kids reset and refocus at home is usually more successful when there is a designated area to complete projects and homework assignments. Using a school calendar to record due dates, and highlight school events can help strengthen organizational, and time management skills, while reminding kids when there are exciting school days to look forward to, like Spirit Week!
  3. Meet and greet with school administrators – If your child will be meeting with a new school counselor, school administrators, and support staff throughout the year, don’t hesitate to schedule a brief meet and greet during the first week of school. Helping kids understand how and when to seek additional support during the school day can help ensure that they feel safe and a part of their school community.

Let’s celebrate the upcoming school year and all of the amazing opportunities for learning and personal growth that will follow!

Keep this in mind in the coming weeks – With the start of a new school year, it is a good time to think about WHAT we say to our youngsters and HOW it impacts their day-to-day experience, as well as their long-term success at school. Read HERE for more tips on building self-esteem in your youngsters.

Until next week, Be Wise!