#AskAmy – Signs of Anxiety

March 14, 2018

#ASKWISE – “My daughter has been waking up in the morning complaining of a stomach ache, and we can’t figure out what is going on. We don’t think it is physical because she eats fine, and has had a recent check up. Could it be something else? She seems overly worried about things lately, and now I am too!” ~Mom of 9-year-old daughter

Dear Mom – Being 9 years old is so hard (and being a worried mom of a 9-year-old is hard too). Moving into the middle elementary school years can add unexpected academic and social demands. Kids communicate their emotions in ways that sound like physical ailments, often because they don’t have the language to identify their feelings. This is called Emotional IQ, and it is just as developmental as regular IQ. The Mighty has a great video about this that might help explain…
Touch base with your child’s teacher, counselor, or a community resource to find out how to build a team to support your child’s emotional IQ! We have some other blogs about anxiety that might be interesting to you too, like –
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Be Wise.