ADHD and Its Impact On The Brain

October 24, 2019
Hey Wise folks – We’ve been on the road for two weeks and we are ready to be home!

Home for us should be pretty chill this week, but for families with children and teens with ADHD, daily life isn’t so calm. We’ve been talking lately about ADHD and its impact on the brains of children and teens. Today we’re sharing a jam-packed article full of tips and suggestions for ADHD treatment for children and teens.

Photo credit: Austin Pacheco on Unsplash

Download it HERE and share it with your child/teen’s TEAM! We all benefit from more information!

“Parent, teacher and child interventions should be carried out at the same time to get the best results. The following five points should be incorporated into all three components of behavior modification:
1. Start with goals that the child can achieve in small steps.
2. Be consistent—across different times of the day, different settings, and different people.
3. Provide consequences immediately following behavior.
4. Implement behavioral interventions over the long haul—not just for a few months.
5. Teaching and learning new skills take time, and children’s improvement will be gradual.

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